"Having the Body You Want Starts With Loving the Body You Have"

Your body is an ongoing experiment. By learning to truly listen to it through an intuitive approach, we will be able to optimally challenge it in a way that breeds success. The program's focus is for you to understand what your body needs (movement, nutrition, mindfulness). It's to teach you to how to approach your body from the perspective of experimentation, while practicing forms of both self acceptance and appreciation. You’ll learn to intuitively eat, move, and thrive in a way that is both kind to your mind and body. 

The Program

Each month you get:

  • 4X 50-min coaching sessions with me. Below is the outline of our program, which we will custom-tailor to you.

Month 1 – Knowing Your Body and Embracing It
Think of this as Point A, a starting point. We won't know where to go, if I don't know where you've been. You'll catch me up to speed on you, your life, and your body.

  • Movement
  • Fueling/Nutrition
  • Sleep/Recovery 
  • Stress management
  • Lifestyle

We spend time, learning all about this place gathering as much data as possible. From here, we’ll be able to move towards healing- managing stress, letting go of fears, and anxieties, and learning how to prioritize self care. There is no one diet that works for everyone, in addition, diets don’t teach you how to fuel your body in different stages of life (stressful days, vacations, recovery, around your period etc). 

Month 2 – Creating Your Fueling and Movement Plan
Your fueling and movement plan will always come back to this question: "Does it work for you?" We assess, gather data, take notes, reassess, and adjust. We work together on formulating the plan that suits your body, your needs, and your life.

Month 3 – Establishing Healthy Habits
At this point you’ll have a toolbox of what works for you. We'll begin to build on those habits and  establish an ideal monthly routine. We'll take on new challenges and continue to work through any speed bumps. We’ll continue to revisit the assess and reassess protocol to see what’s working.

Month 4 – Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
It is important that through this journey you learn the importance of taking on new challenges. I’ll support you to remove limitations we often set on ourselves. We’ll adjust the focus of your training and stretch you to do something outside of your comfort zone. 

Month 5 – Celebrating Positive Changes
We’ll reflect on your starting point (who you were coming into this program). Celebrating positive changes in your body, but also in your overall happiness. 

The Price:

  • 20X 50-min Private Coaching Session – In-person or virtual. ($3,700 value)
  • Take 10% off for the whole program when you pay in full: $3,330
    Or pay 5 monthly payments of $740